Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Me-Made-May starts again soon!

For quite a few years now the wonderful sewing blogger Zoe has been organising “Me-Made-May”. It's a month for sewers to challenge themselves by wearing clothes they have made themselves. Everyone sets their own challenge, what is hard for them – some try to wear one garment each day, others try to wear only me-made. There is a Flickr group where people can post photos of their daily outfits. There is a huge world of sewers out there and it is so interesting to see what types of things they make and how talented they are.

This challenge is hard for me because I have very few tops or sweaters that I have made myself. Actually I have very few jumpers at all. It's a big gap in my wardrobe. I have brought one non-me-made cardigan with me which I am hoping I will not have to resort to. It's hard though, because normally I wear quite mismatched clothes (polka dots with stripes with plaid for instance) but I will go to a wedding here and I want to look somewhat elegant.

 'I, Jodi, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear only wear garments I have made myself (with the exception of hosiery, lingerie and footwear) each day for the duration of May 2014'

I've taken part in quite a few of the previous challenges. I wasn't sure whether to participate this year or not. I am in Istanbul for the first week of the month (actually I just got to Istanbul now, sitting at the airport, waiting for the shuttle bus to depart. I JUST missed the last one – half an hour to wait...). I have packed reasonably lightly – so I can fill my backpack up with sewing knick knacks on the way back. I was last here three years ago so I am very excited to be back! There are so many places I want to see again, markets to visit, fabric and haberdashery to buy! And the food... I can't wait to go down by the sea and have a fish sandwich and eat mussels. I had been thinking about coming back for a visit for a long time (since I was last here basically).

Ok, now it's a few hours later since I last wrote. This has been a wonderful day. I met so many different and interesting people.

I chatted with these guys for the whole long trip from the airport to the city (so much traffic!). They work in Iraq and their flights were cancelled because of the elections that will be held there in a few days. So crazy, they just shut the airports, hardly any notice. So these guys travelled hours and hours by bus to get to Istanbul to take different flights. They were still so cheerful though!

I went to one of my favourite cafes. It's so relaxed and cosy. 

There are new staff but all so lovely. One especially I talked to a lot. A new friend :) She's an artist, a painter. She has a blog with her work.

I arrived here wanting to stay somewhere in Cihangir but not having any definite plans. I'm staying in a small quiet hostel off a busy, vibrant street I love. This neighbourhood, it feels so much like home. I had thought I would spend this evening out partying somewhere. Instead I ended up playing dress up with a 45 year old man! After dinner I walked into the empty hostel and the owner who I hadn't met before was wearing an Ottoman jacket and hanging dresses up on the walls so I had to ask what was up. Turns out he used to be a tailor for many years and he also made costumes for films! He will have some kind of a costume sale tomorrow. So I have been trying on all his costumes, discussing different tailoring techniques, also showing him something new (triangular bound buttonholes).  

Shiny and silver and my size!

So much work this must have been!

Then a couple of guys came back. They couldn't resist the costumes either... 

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  1. I look forward to seeing what you wear this month too.


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