Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bikini Weather

Summer again. I love the summer. Hot weather. Holidays. SUMMER CLOTHES.

I haven't been doing much sewing this summer though. Just working, travelling, reading, drinking.

With Ron at the Dead Sea

One of my most favourite people in the world lives in Tel Aviv. Ron used to live here in Budapest and then moved back to Israel about five years ago and had been telling me ever since to visit him. So I finally did at the end of June. And it was wonderful! Great food, the sea, sunshine, cool people, cool bars.

The trip was a great excuse to make a new bikini.

It's actually the first triangle bikini top I've made. The last few years I've just kept making bandeau variations and that was getting pretty boring. I made up the pattern myself. It could use a little work still - I would add a cm or two to the back of the bottoms so I don't have to keep pulling them up to avoid showing any crack, and I would make the elastic a little tighter around the waist.

We went for a day trip to the Dead Sea. What an amazing place! It's so beautiful and still. The water is extremely hot - hotter than I would run a bath - and so salty. Oh my god the pain when the water got in my eyes... But besides that, it was so relaxing. We even fell asleep for an hour just floating on the top of the water. You can't sink, you can't even really swim because it is near impossible to kick your legs down into the water you are so buoyant!



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