Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Me-Made-May Days 1-6

May is already well underway. Time is passing so fast. I'm loving participating in Me-Made-May again. It is making me wear clothes I probably wouldn't pull out of my wardrobe otherwise.

Day 1

I spent the day running round, baking, doing errands.

What I wore early on:

Then in the evening we had drinks at our place. There may have been dancing.

What I wore later:

Day 2

We went for the night to a little tiny town in North Eastern Hungary. I couldn't believe the contrast in the buildings there. An ornate palace and a few other beautifully kept buildings, and then the rest of the town is in a completely run-down state.

Beautiful yellow fields of rapeseed
Hungarian countryside
The weather was awful in Budapest but it cleared up

What I wore:

Day 3

What I wore:

  • Goosefoot hoodie, self drafted
  • Black track pants, self drafted
So nice just spending the afternoon at home

Day 4

What I wore:

Enjoying the sunshine, Spring is finally here!

Day 5

Did you know Sylvanian families still exist!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I want to have kids just so I can have Sylvanian Family things!! I used to play with them when I was about four years old (I never had my own but my cousins did). Nostalgia.

What I wore:

A Sylvanian sized beer! Everything in the supermarket is so adorable.

Day 6

Budapest has suddenly had summer weather (27 degrees!) which calls for summer dresses.

What I wore:


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