Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Old Favourite Top

I decided to have a whole sewing afternoon. I'm working on a new pyjama set and they are nearly complete. I finished the top. Then I remembered I hadn't bought the elastic I need for the shorts. And for the panties I need my measuring tape and I have misplaced that. OK, so I lose either my seam ripper, measuring tape, snips or scissors basically every day. But usually they are just hidden under a piece of fabric. However this time it's been hours and still no sign of my measuring tape... Very frustrating so I decided to work on something new. But something simple because again, the missing measuring tape.

I had a quick look through a few of my (far too many) bags of fabric and found some sheer black polka dot fabric. I had loads of the fabric left so originally I must have bought a ridiculous amount of it, especially considering I have made at least two tops out of it already. I used this fabric way back in 2010 to make a polo necked top.  Turns out that was the first Burda magazine pattern I ever used.  It's really funny and eye opening reading back through my blog from that year. How different my life was. How differently I saw the world. That year I wrote 78 (!) blog posts. A few more than last year's two posts...

Anyway, I loved that top soooo much. It got worn completely to death. The fabric was pretty delicate and susceptible to snags and then in 2013 it became an amputee and not long after that finally died. I'm actually surprised it lasted that long.

Since it was such a favourite I thought why not just remake that exact top.

So sheer
I did the entire sewing on my overlocker. Even the hems :D I think it took me an hour total for cutting, sewing and snapping a few pics. I made the neck a little higher and wider than originally because I remember the tightness bothering me on the old one. It's pattern 121 from Burda magazine Sep 2010.

This machine was not used for the making of this top.

Actually I've never sewn anything on that machine because I can't figure out how to thread it or where the leather belt thing is meant to go.

This is not me. My annoying front camera automatically goes first to this crazy "beauty" mode. Bigger, whiter eyes, narrower face, clearer skin. I think it whitens skin too, negating all my fake tan! Asian phone, Asian beauty standards :)


  1. Thanks! It's good to be blogging again.

  2. I'm glad to read you again ! I made myself a black turtleneck top from this pattern last month. This a great basic ! I can relate to you about the decrease of article on your blog, last year, I wrote about 3 articles, I think. This is a bit Instagram's fault because it takes way less time to post a picture there than to write and blog an article :))


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