Monday, March 20, 2017

Kuala Lumpur

l'm in Kuala Lumpur for a few days, breaking up the long journey from New Zealand back home.

Old and new

Super tall buildings

I spent my morning in the National Textile Museum. It's a wonderful museum! Well worth a visit. It was so interesting. Beautiful embroidery, batik fabrics​, intricate jewellery. There was detailed information about how all the different techniques are done too. It really made me want to start embroidering everything I own!

This stunning embroidery is done with a flat gold thread. They actually stitch over a cardboard template

Everything there was so beautiful! Especially the jewellery (which I forgot to get any photos of). A lot of the jewellery and clothing were owned by royals.

Beaded necklace

Machine embroidery

Batik fabric

My plan was to spend the rest of my day in some fabric shops but I stopped for a little rest in a bar (happy hour!) and it started pouring down so I am stuck here for a little while... I don't really want to ruin my shoes, it's a huge amount of rain! So now I'm on cocktail number 3 :D


(I'm writing this part the next day)

After a few too many drinks I finally left the bar when the rain was slowing. Didn't get too far when I was stopped by flooding...

So I decided to take the train instead of walking but just to get to the station everyone had to take off their shoes. I even saw one woman removing her tights, right there on the street!

That wasn't the only excitement of the day. I finally found the fabric shopping district! I was looking unsuccessfully for this a year ago and was very near but was maybe looking a street or two in the wrong direction. This time though! I somehow learned how to follow a map!

 The main street of it seems to be Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. There are many, many fabric shops. And a lot of the ones which look like they aren't fabric shops actually are - just the ground floor is ready made clothes and once you go upstairs there are several floors of fabric paradise. 

There is lots of very cheap polyester everywhere. They call it "washable silk" lol. A lot of it is designer replica fabrics. Pucci seems to be the strong favourite for knocking off. 

I really had to be tough and not buy too much (I'm travelling with a backpack so space is quite limited - this is the one downfall to having a backpack).

I bought a few metres of what the man said is silk crepe but I'm not completely convinced. I will do the burn test when I have access to fire. I'm quite in love with these fabrics! They are so nice to touch. One is destined to be a top, the other a dress. It's from Gulati's (150 and 152 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman).

I also got four metres of a satin from Kamdar (179 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman). It's so, so soft! I want to make pyjamas out of it. When the saleswoman heard what I want to use it for she said "it's too expensive to make pyjamas out of!" and directed me to the cheaper "washable silks". But I could not resist this gorgeous print. 

I also got a few cottons from a nice store called Harisons (229-235 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman) which has good quality fabrics. I'll post them when they are made into garments though :) 

I have another full day here, then I fly to Istanbul and have a day there. I had planned it so that I could go to a market that is only open on Wednesdays but now I think I might be all shopped out. I don't even know if all this will fit in my bag! 

It's been a very long trip, I can't wait to be home.