Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Floral "Camouflage" Overalls

I made overalls!!

I'd been wanting to make a pair for the past month or two since someone posted on one of the many sewing groups I follow on Facebook about some she was going to make. I was very tempted to also, like her, buy the Turia Dungarees pattern but the thought of sticking together almost 50 pages was a a bit too much (no print at copy shop option!). And I also wanted some with a bit more shaping at the back.

I was imagining a pair of blue denim overalls, with gold top stitching. But the fabric shop didn't have the shade I wanted and right next to the denims was this stretch floral twill... I wanted the overalls for doing gardening in because I am sick of showing my crack to the neighbours. This is the perfect fabric for it! It's like camouflage fabric! Well it will be in a few months when my flowers are blooming. It was the end of the roll so I had to buy almost a metre more than I needed but it will get used!

I had a hunt through my patterns and remembered that I had made some pants years ago using a pattern from Burda magazine September 2010. I still have those pants although they are very snug now (and I never actually hemmed them) so I don't wear them. So I traced out the pattern in the next size up (always so sad to do! My weight hasn't changed at all since then but my measurements have a lot). I extended the waistband pieces into bibs. Got rid of the side seam pockets. Added some straps, buckles, a big zipped front bib pocket and voila! Overalls!

The bib pieces are doubled for a bit of stability. There is an invisible zip in the side seam. I found heart shaped buckles! And rose buttons!

The blouse is Burda 7831 which I made way back in 2009! It is one of the very few white garments I own and I am honestly a bit surprised that it is still this white.

These overalls are comfortable thanks to the stretch fabric but if I was to make them again I would probably lower the crotch a cm or two. I am going to add a few patch pockets to the front legs because they desperately need them but I couldn't wait to start wearing these!

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