Monday, May 8, 2017

Retro Swimsuit With a Mind of Its Own

Do you ever start to make something but it seems that you don't really have control over the final creation, that the fabric is choosing what it will be?

I added foam cups to the top for a little support.

A few months ago I really wanted to make a one piece swimsuit before I went to New Zealand but like usual I decided on it at the last minute and was in a huge rush. I looked at hundreds of photos of vintage swimsuits for inspiration then made a pattern. I made a muslin, did some changes and it was looking great. I went to the fabric shop, found a beautiful perfect fabric (I asked for 65 cm which would be just enough for a one piece). At home that night I pulled it out. It looked small. Measured it. 55cm. Sooooo angry. I had so little time before my trip. Luckily I had kept my receipt so the next day I returned it and got the amount I needed. Cut my swimsuit, started sewing it. I made a few minor seeming changes and I fucked it up! So pissed off at myself. There wasn't enough length in the body so it was pulling down. I nearly cried. And it was too late to fix it so I went on holiday without it.


Fast forward to the end of April and we had a weekend trip planned which involved spending time at the thermal baths so I thought I would pull out my swimsuit and try to save it. I cut it in half making it a bikini. Half a day working on it, trying it on a million times, and it was done. If I had known from the start it would have been a bikini I could have bought half the fabric!

I'm pretty pleased with it after all. It's nice to not worry about my crack hanging out. This is my first high waisted bikini. It's a very different feeling - like being a demure (but still sexy) 50s lady.

Why can't all pools be octagonal? I love this shape!

These photos were taken at the 400 year old Turkish Baths in Eger. It's so nice there! Beautiful and clean and hardly any people. Most of the time we had the pools to ourselves. Hungary is lucky to have so many thermal springs.

Radioactive water!

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