Monday, November 27, 2017

Things are happening!

I'm going to teach sewing! I've been thinking about it for ages. I'm setting up my studio now. It's quite exciting! Furniture got delivered a few days ago, I'm putting it together now. Lots of tables and chairs. I'm learning how to use an electric drill, wow it makes things faster! It's my new favourite tool.  Did you know I had never ever bought furniture until now? At the age of 33! I was too scared of the commitment. So this is a big step for me! And now I have a cutting table! I don't have to cut out my fabric on the floor anymore. I feel so happy just thinking about that. My back is very happy too.

I've ordered sewing machines too, they should arrive next week.

I'm starting off with a sweater making workshop, and then an ugly sweater decorating one.

Last winter I had a sweater event with a few of my friends which was so much fun and we made these creations:


But I also want to have classes for complete beginners. It will be in English (I can get by in Hungarian but I do not know the technical sewing terms in Hungarian) so I think it can be a great chance for people to practice their English while learning sewing skills, killing two birds with one stone. Actually that makes me think, maybe I will make a sweater like that. With two dead birds on it :)

I made a Facebook page for it all: Jodi's Sewing Room