Friday, December 1, 2017

Fabric stores in Budapest

These are my favourite places to shop here in Budapest. They are not in any particular order.

1087. Baross tér 4-5

This is in a beautiful building close to Keleti. It looks like a library - except the shelves are lined with fabric instead of books! From the outside you would think they have higher prices than they do. They have sweater knits, denim, pleather, fake fur, lycra swimsuit fabric in solid colours, quite nice jersey (but not many colours) and lots of other stuff. They have low priced, good quality fabrics. Years ago I didn't really like the staff there but now they have become so nice. And funny. I went there after a few successful months of not buying fabric (trying to reduce my stash) and one of them asked if I was "cheating on them?". I still laugh thinking about it.

1074. Hársfa u. 5-7, the entrance is from Barát utca though.

This shop has everything you need for making sparkly/standout dance costumes - glittery, sequinned fabrics, feathers, bra cups, rhinestones, ribbons, fringes, shoes etc. It is a bit on the expensive side but they have a great selection of stretch fabrics and it is nice to be able to find all the bits and pieces in one store. They have lots of cool swimsuit prints (this place is always my first choice for bikini fabric). This is also where I usually get fabric for leotards.

I Love Textil 

This is a chain of stores mainly on the Körút but they also have a shop on the kiskörút near Kálvin tér. They have very cheap fabrics (most of it is only 390 ft/metre). Some of it is a little bit more. Like 690 ft/m :) It is not all the best quality but if you hunt around sometimes you can find some lovely fabrics. They have a lot of knits/jersey.

Voál Méteráru
1073. Erzsébet Krt. 20

I love this shop! It has gorgeous fabrics. Silks, lace, wool. High quality polyester fabrics too. They have a big selection of lining fabrics too - and silk blend linings which they have hidden out the back. The prices are quite high but their stuff is really so nice. For example they have solid washed silk for around 7000 ft/metre. This company has another shop at Oktogon (Oktogon Méteráru, Andrássy út 47) which has similar things but it is a little higher priced.
1073. Erzsébet Krt. 34

This is also connected to Voál and Oktogon, so the staff can often tell you if the fabric you are looking for is at one of the other shops. Like the other day I was looking for navy ribbing which they didn't have in one, but had in the other. This shop has quilting cottons, a great pleather selection, upholstery fabric, plush fabric.

Special Textil
1052. Petőfi Sándor utca 18
1136. Pannónia u. 15

This is a very old, gorgeous shop (it's around 100 years old!). They have beautiful silks and wool. Lots of coating fabric. It is definitely pricey but like the name, it's special. They have two shops but I have only been to the one in the city centre.

Fortuna Méterárú
1132, Váci út 10.

This place has great sweater making supplies. Fleece and plush fabrics. Ribbing in lots of colours. The staff are very nice. And they have haberdashery stuff too.

1052 Budapest, Régiposta utca 7-9.

This is button paradise! I love this tiny shop. I love bringing in my near completed garments to choose buttons with the help of the lovely ladies here. It really is a wonderful experience. 


This is a haberdashery chain. They have shops all over the city. Most of the things are hidden behind the counter so you have to ask for everything by name. And they won't always show or tell the whole selection that they really have. So it can be a bit of a struggle, but they are good for zips, thread, elastic, shoulder pads, bra cups etc.

Do you have a favourite shop I should check out?