Monday, April 30, 2018

Me-Made-May 2018 Pledge


I've been wondering whether or not to do Me-Made-May this year but in the end I just cannot resist.

If you also want to join up head over to Zoe's blog: Me-Made-May '18: SIGN UP HERE!!!
But hurry! May starts tomorrow already!!

A full me-made outfit - overalls, t-shirt and sandals!

I'm going to do the same pledge I did last year. I know I can wear just clothes I've made, but it makes it a challenge to only wear outfits that I actually like. A lot of my clothes don't match (because of my print and crazy colour addiction).

 'I, Jodi, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavour to wear only me-made garments in combinations I like each day for the duration of May 2018 and to try to have as many different outfits as possible through the use of accessories'

I'll try and post my daily outfits on Instagram as much as I can. But I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to take pictures Every Single Day because that might make me go crazy. Here's my Insta in case you want to follow along there:

Also this year I have a few pairs of sandals I made and a pair of shoes! I can't wait to show them off. They don't go with all of my outfits though so I won't be forcing myself to only wear handmade shoes.

I'm quite looking forward to going through my wardrobe, temporarily putting away my RTW clothes.

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