Sunday, May 13, 2018

Me-Made-May Days 1-12


I'm really enjoying this crazy, busy May. I've been trying to only wear outfits I actually like for Me-Made-May, and also to use more accessories because I feel I don't really do that enough.

Day 1

What I wore: Self drafted red lace dress, white necklace (gift from a friend)

How I felt about this outfit: I loooove the way this dress looks but now I can only wear it on my most skinny of days (so like once or twice a year). And I can't really eat while wearing it... I would like to make it again slightly bigger (my list of what I want to make is never ending though so we'll see!).

Day 2

What I wore: My polka dot dress (bodice is a very modified Burdastyle Danielle, the skirt part is self drafted) and my self drafted petticoat.

How I felt about this outfit: I haven't really worn this dress the past few years, I'm not sure why. It used to be one of my absolute faves. I think I will put it back into rotation.

Day 3

What I wore: 70's dress, belt and purse bought second hand in New Zealand.

How I felt about this outfit: This is a comfy dress. I love this style - loose and belted. Can eat as much as you like! I sometimes feel a little dowdy in this outfit though. Maybe I should shorten it a few inches.

Day 4

What I wore: Black and white dress (modified E971), 30's necklace (there are some wonderful antique shops here).

How I felt about this outfit: This dress makes me feel especially womanly. It's nice and swishy. I made it back in 2010 and I am a little surprised I still have so many dresses from then. Actually most of the dresses I've worn so far this month seem to be from 2010/2011. What a wonderful, crazy time that was, I guess a little of the energy/memories still remain in the garments.

Day 5

What I wore: Self drafted birds and flowers dress. Headband made by my dear friend Ella.

How I felt about this outfit: This dress has huge pockets so it is very practical. Pockets are so important! The headband makes me feel like a hippy, it fits this free feeling which comes with the sunshine. Oh, I'm so glad it's Spring!

Day 6

What I wore: Plaid dress, modified Burda 7831

How I felt about this outfit: Another ultra girly dress. I keep thinking I am too old for this dress but somehow I can't get rid of it, I'm too proud of my awesome plaid matching! It doesn't have pockets though!! Why doesn't it have pockets?! I have started using a backpack to save my shoulders and oh my god I never knew how often I reach into my bag. I am constantly having to take my backpack off. But actually I know why this particular dress doesn't have pockets - the skirt doesn't have any seams, it's a full circle.

Day 7

What I wore: Self drafted LBD, leather shoes I made!!

How I felt about this outfit: I wear this dress allll the time. Seriously. Like twice a week year round since I made it maybe 6 years ago. It has huge pockets (large enough for a couple of bottles of beer...). The only 'flaw' is that it has a metal zip up the back which makes it not a comfortable dress for travelling in but for every other purpose this is my go to dress.
The shoes I made a few weeks ago! I've been going to shoe making classes. I think I will write about these more in another post though.

Day 8

What I wore: White blouse (Burda 7831), self drafted skirt

How I felt about this outfit: I felt like a school girl! And the attention from men was crazy. Soooo many men said hi to me on the street. At first I thought they were guys I had met before and forgotten but no. Even guys I hadn't made eye contact with. It was so strange, guys so rarely say hi.
(BTW, that is New Zealand wine in the pic!! I found a place here which has it! So delicious! A little taste of home).

Day 9

What I wore: Flamingos in Love dress (Burda 7829), self drafted aubergine cardigan

How I felt about this outfit: This dress is made from one of my all time favourite patterns but I don't feel totally comfortable in this version of it. This cotton is so very light, it feels like I'm naked and the low cut neckline coupled with the short skirt makes me feel so self conscious. This was the absolute longest I could make it though, I used up every single scrap of fabric (I even had to cut the pockets from a different fabric).

Day 10

What I wore: The bodice of this dress is modified from Burda 7829, the skirt is made of 8 panels. With big pockets! Self drafted black jumper. Vintage bag.

How I felt about this outfit: This is one of my favourite dresses. And I like it dressed down with sneakers.

Day 11

What I wore: Polka Dots and Pleats dress

How I felt about this outfit: This is one of my favourite summer outfits. Easy to throw on, can eat what I like, the stiffness of the cotton stops it from being form fitting.

Day 12

I haven't actually gotten dressed today. It's been so nice to stay at home! I've been doing a little too much partying lately, I really needed this kind of recharge. Watching lots of Netflix, getting some paperwork done, a little spring cleaning, checking things off my long to do list.

I've realised one of the reasons why I blog so infrequently these days - it takes so much time!
Whomadewho is helping though. Such great music! This is my soundtrack of the evening.

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