Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Green Peplum Top

A few days ago I was going through my box of unfinished projects and stumbled upon this top. All it was waiting for was buttons, buttonholes and some seam finishing. I couldn't believe it! I guess at the time when I sewed it I couldn't find the right buttons... which was maybe 5 years ago because I remember sewing it when I lived in Akacfa utca. I quite miss that time - I did so much more sewing than I do now.

So I looked through my now much bigger button collection and found some shiny green ones that I got from my Nana.

I can't remember if I used a pattern or just a block for the bodice. The sleeves and peplum are just kind of circular pieces.

This top was originally a skirt so I had limited fabric to work with. That's why the back is pieced. It's a "Design feature" lol. I actually found the skirt on the street. Every year each district in Budapest has a day to throw out all of their unwanted things from their homes onto the street. Then people can take what they want before the rest is collected. It's a pretty great way of recycling. And it's fun seeing what treasures you can find!

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