Sunday, November 18, 2018

Transformational Reconstruction in Romania

A week ago I was in Romania at a pattern cutting workshop. I have been following the Japanese designer Shingo Sato online for many years. He makes some amazing creations and also travels the world passing on his skills. Normally his workshops are quite far from Budapest (often in Western Europe and on other continents). But then I saw one advertised for Bucharest so I signed up so fast. Bucharest is less than an hour and a half flight from here. And I'd never been there and had always been curious about it.

With the Master!!

Well I absolutely LOVED Bucharest. I could definitely live there I think. I was staying in a cool Airbnb which is also a gallery. It was in a beautiful district with old villa buildings, close to hipster cafes and bars. My host was amazing and showed me around and made everything just wonderful.

The 'House of the People' aka, the Romanian parliament building. It is just monstrous!

I stayed for five nights which was not enough. It was also five days of sewing which meant not so much sightseeing. Although I did have a few very fun evenings out. I especially loved the cocktail bar Fix where they use lots of delicious natural ingredients.

The workshop was super intense. First two evenings with Irina Akkaya to get to know the basics. She's a fashion designer from Romania who organised the workshop (which she did an impressive job at). She was super nice and her family is wonderful and she basically seemed like super woman with the patience of a saint dealing with all of us.

Exhausted from the full days of sewing (and nights of partying).
This is the pattern of the above box integration bodice.
Then we had three full days with Shingo. We learnt so many cool techniques. It was so inspirational and I've come home full of ideas. We learnt interesting ways of getting rid of certain seams and I can't wait to try out these things in garments.

I had never used one of these wrist pin cushions before but wow! It really made my sewing so much faster. I need to get one of my own.

We even got on Romanian TV!

It was so good to learn new things! I wish all my future trips could be combined with learning!

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