Monday, July 8, 2019

I Love My Minoru Jacket!

I really needed a casual outdoorsy kind of jacket for cool summer evenings so I made a Minoru jacket and I love it so much! It's just what I wanted and came together really easily once I sourced all the supplies.

When not in use the hood can actually be rolled up and put in a pocket in the collar but I forgot to get a pic of that.

I'm super happy with the length of it

 I was looking at all the usual pretty prints and bright colours which attract me when I was searching for fabric and instead I bought a solid colour!! Normally I cannot resist a wild print but I was so very restrained this time! The few occasions when I do buy a solid it's usually textured. Or sparkly. Or shiny. I love satin... But this is a plain cotton twill. And it's even brown! What's more nature like than brown? Ok, maybe green, but I got a subtly striped green and brown viscose lining fabric to go with it. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself! One of the big problems with my wardrobe is that almost everything is in some kind of print so it's hard to mix and match things. Actually when I was sewing this I was big time regretting the brown but now I am so happy. Small victories!

I made a few changes to the pattern. I lengthened the body at the hem 10cm, and the sleeves 7cm. I read many reviews of this pattern and a lot of people complained about the sleeves on this pattern being too long already but I have super long arms. I narrowed the sleeves from size 8 to size 4 at the cuff and then narrowed the cuffs to match because I didn't want the gathering which is in the pattern. I got 2.7 metres of fabric to account for the lengthening and it worked out just perfect.

This pattern is really wonderful and easy make (especially following the sew-along) but it blows me away that external pockets were not included. It's a jacket!! I'm pretty sure almost everyone who makes this adds pockets of some sort to the outside so it would have been nice to have some options included. I made zippered ones with flaps.

I know Krisztian is in all my photos lately but I swear we are not a couple 😂🤣 We are both very single!

Instead of doing the elastic waist I added a drawstring. The main fabric and the lining sewn together form the casing. And I put in eyelets using this super handy eyelet tool I got from my Nana. Thanks Nana!

I lined the hood and added a drawstring there too. If I make this again (who am I kidding? WHEN I make this again) I will put the eyelets a cm or two lower.

It's a little tight at the shoulders (many people have mentioned this in their reviews but I stupidly ignored it). Next time I'll add a little extra width there.

I also added a zipper shield to protect my clothes. This zip is a pretty rough zip. Metal teeth. I went to four shops hunting for the perfect zip. I would have preferred a double ended one but I couldn't find in the right colour and length. I actually bought a gorgeous green one but then changed my mind so I might try to use that in my next jacket. The zip shield was a bit flimsy so I added some embroidery stitching. I have something like 250 stitches on my machine and I've used the embroidery ones approximately twice ever... so it was really nice to have an excuse for using at least one of them. Trying to keep with the outdoorsy idea I went for a leafy vine stitch.

I actually waxed the whole jacket because I wanted to make it waterproof or at least water resistant. This took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. But then the very first time I wore it I stood next to a bonfire for hours and then washed it to get the smoke smell out... And with that most of the wax washed out too. But a little has remained and I love the visual effect it has on the fabric, how it makes it look more worn. Maybe I should just make a jacket out of actual waterproof fabric because this one is not getting rewaxed.

Worth losing the wax
(Edit July 9 after reading Lauren's comment): I can't believe I missed the chance to do something funny with the zip shield! I knew then this project wouldn't be complete without some words on it. I tried embroidering onto the jacket five times but with the weight of it pulling it wasn't stitching nicely so I made this patch. It's going to be perfect when it's a little more frayed.

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