Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Wedding of the Century

Bay and Kolbaska met back in March and it was love at first sniff. It was obvious from the start that a wedding would need to happen. In the middle of summer, on a very hot July day, the two lovebirds officially tied the knot! The wedding was glorious, chaotic and hilarious.

We got a few videos:

This second one shows the pre-wedding jitters:

The days leading up to the big event were so much fun. A few friends came over and we worked on the doggies' outfits. I think I've discovered my true calling - I should be a doggy bridal designer!

I sewed up a white organza veil and skirt for the bride Kolbaska, and a blue net skirt for her Maid of Honor, Mara. Marysia (Mother of the Bride) blinged them out with sparkly stuff. Somehow in all the excitement of the ceremony we forgot to take proper photos of the bridal party.... So here are a few pics pre-bling during the fittings.

Maid of Honor trying on her skirt

Bay checking out the Maid of Honor while his bride is not around.

The Maid of Honor helping out with the fitting when the Bride couldn't be there.

As "Mother of the Groom" I wanted to have a really nice dress and that's actually why I made my Marilyn inspired dress but in the end I couldn't get it finished in time (goddamn all the gathers and piping!!!). So I wore a silk shirt I made earlier this year, and made a matching bow tie for Bay.

The "Father of the Groom" came to my sewing room and learnt how to make his own bow tie!

The Best Man borrowed Bay's Rainbow Pride bow tie.

There was even a doggy wedding cake made from fish!

Wait. I seriously have to help cut the cake?

Cutting of the cake

Originally the Priest was going to be a dog but he couldn't come in the end but it worked out so well with a human one!

This pic is my fave


  1. Love at first sniff! Bay's wedding bow tie is so nice. What a gorgeous boy!

    What will you do for their anniversary?


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