About me

Hey! I'm Jodi Wade. 

My main crafty kind of hobby is sewing. I love working with my hands. I also love baking, knitting, calligraphy, making birthday cards and origami. 

I live in Budapest. I adore this city, it's beautiful and full of creative people doing cool things. 

Living here can be a challenge - like when I want to buy something like interfacing or bias binding. Words like that just aren't in my Hungarian dictionary and non-sewers don't usually know what stuff like that is. Luckily there is a fabric shop just around the corner from me where the ladies understand my made-up Hungarian words.

email: jodi@jodimade.com

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  1. I love your outfits, they have certainly inspired me to make a few more dresses. I regularly buy Burda Style magazine as they always have a great selection of things.....most months. Where did you move to Budapest from? Love your hair, by the way.

    1. Hi Diane! For some reason I never got a notification about your comment. Sorry for the very late reply. I grew up in New Zealand. Wow, I'm glad to have inspired you! Your comment makes me smile.


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